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Field Trips / Scouts

Looking for a unique activity for your class or scout troop? Pottery Isle is a great place to give your students a break from their books and broaden their horizons, or for scouts to earn their pottery merit badge with a fun, hands-on activity!

We’ll show them how pottery goes from a modest slab or bucket of clay to a hand-painted work of art. Plus they’ll get to create/paint their own masterpieces to give as a gift or keep for themselves. But it doesn’t have to be disguised as work. Groups of students and scouts may come in just to celebrate a cookie sale campaign for an end-of-the-year pottery painting party.

We offer Ornament Parties, Friendship Bead Parties, Tiles and Smiles, Mosaics, and more! Pottery Isle will open during non-business hours to accommodate your meeting schedule. Call us at 978-270-9302 . Also, don’t forget to check out our Pottery-To-Go programs if bringing everyone to us is an issue.

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