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What is Glass Fusing?

Higgins_glass_AGlass art consists of many sub-genres and fused glass is just one of them. Fused glass is the art of melting glass in a kiln. From this one, the process comes hundreds of different techniques.

Fused glass can also be referred to as kiln-formed or kiln-glass and is an accessible and rewarding art form for many people. Fused glass is also quickly growing in popularity in the art community. Unlike stained glass, fused glass does not use lead lines. Dimensional or non-flat pieces can be created without being cut or assembled via hundreds of small pieces.

Fused glass is also different from blown glass because the learning curve for new artists is rather short. The reason being that there are very few physical demands on the artist and anyone’s home garage can be converted into a well equipped fused glass studio.

Basic Fused Glass Techniques



Fused glass is created when two or more pieces of glass that are placed in a kiln and heated until they fuse together into a single piece.


Slumped or draped is the process of placing the glass over a mold and heating it until the glass has slumped into a shape. Frequently the glass being slumped has design elements already used it.


Casting glass is the process of melting the glass so that it flows into a mold. There are many variations of glass casting including lost wax and pate de Verre. Glass that has been cast is usually think and dimensional.

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