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The Benefits of Painting for Children

tween_ccsaFostering creativity in your child won’t just increase their chances of becoming the next great artist but will also help them developmentally, socially, and emotionally. Creating art may boost a young child’s ability to analyze and problem-solve in a number of ways. As a child uses a paintbrush, their fine motor skills improve and by counting colors or art pieces, they are honing their basic math skills. When children mix and match colors, they are acting as scientists exploring new color combinations. Self-confidence can be boosted if the child feels proud of the work that they created. Here are five ways in which you can inspire creativity in your child.

Let them be messy:

Find a space where they can be free to experiment with and be messy. Line the floor with sheets or newspapers to make clean up easier.

Avoid Giving Directions:

Encourage your child to be creative without providing too much direction. Allow them to use different colors and brushes to create whatever they want. If needed, give them a simple task to paint an image and let them be themselves.

Ask Them Why:

After your child has finished creating their masterpiece. Ask them insightful questions and allow them to explain their answer. Questions such as “why did you choose this color” or “what were you thinking about when you were painting?”

Do Not Draw With Them:

Children can become frustrated when their parent tries to help them during their creative process. It is better to be near them and show your support without being too overbearing.

Finished is Finished:

If your child believes that their artwork is complete then it is complete, avoid giving them suggestions on what they can add or improve their painting.

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