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How It Works

tween_ccsaPaint-Your-Own pottery is not only fun, but simple. You’ll be getting started before you know it and putting the final touches on almost as quick.

First you’ll choose a piece to paint from our selection of 200 different shapes of pottery, both bisque and blank. These include vases, bowls, cups, platters, beads, boxes, and more so you can choose by either necessity or aesthetic. If you are looking for something specific or unique, please let us know and we can special order it.

The second step is to decide on a design. For this, all you’ll need is your imagination. However we do provide idea books and samples if you happen to find yourself short on inspiration. You may also check out our online gallery to look at some of the fantastic designs our past customer’s have done. We know that creativity doesn’t come easy to everybody but the activity will.

Third, choose your colors and design tools. We put everything you’ll need at your disposal: glazes, stencils, sponges, stamps, and more!

Step four, PAINT!

Once your done with the fun part, the last and perhaps hardest step is to please allow us 7 days to final glaze, fire, and return your masterpiece to you.

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